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Baltic Brown- This richly colored copper, brown and black flecked granite, named Baltic Brown is a long time favorite of kitchen countertop designers and blends beautifully with modern kitchens with its warm classic tones. Granites bring an aura of permanence and great strength, as well as an expensive addition to the room. It is a perfect choice for your study, library, or den.

Baltic Brown granite is decidedly masculine with it's deep color tones, but takes on a very balanced appearance when mixed with the soft gold colors.
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Baltic Gold- Shades in stone range the full spectrum, and this rare gold and black flecked granite, Baltic Gold entices one's senses with it's powerful color and veining. Mix the richness found in Baltic Gold with the warmth of worn leather, soft wood tones, and colorful rugs found in this cozy den to radiate warmth in this lodge like setting.
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Black Galaxy- This masculine study is complimented with the amazing outline of our Black Galaxy granite. This unusual stone contains amazing gold flecks scattered like diamonds throughout it's surface, which reflect and sparkle under accent lighting. This glittering stone will create mystery and understated elegance to any environment, resulting in the perfect choice for an exciting and expensive looking fireplace wall.
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Blue Pearl- Produce a sparkling work of art with our stunning Blue Pearl Granite, well known for it's rare light and dark blue and black minerals which combine to provide a sleek backdrop in the contemporary setting. The amazing crystal formations found specifically in Blue Pearl will simply amaze your senses with it's rare coloration.

When decorated with Asian influences, this Zen-like atmosphere permeated this room to become the perfect resting place at the end of a challenging day.
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Cashmere- Enjoy the artistic veins burning a path across your walls in this new contemporary granite called Cashmere. The deep rich shades of gold, black and ivory ripple through this stone and takes center stage in this warm and relaxing living room.

This versatile granite is very suitable for traditional and contemporary design projects alike, brilliantly transitional for both grand interiors or intimate spaces.
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Magma Black- Magma Black Granite is a dramatic solid black granite, exhibiting a luxurious appearance with it's sleek, polished mirror matte finish. It's bold black coloration accents this library with a wonderful contrast of rich bright colors and creates an excellent backdrop for any interior space.

The incredible depth of color found in black granite penetrates the room's interior and adds that simple edge of sophistication highly sought after when contrasted with black furniture.
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Nero Zimbabwe- Taking it's design cue from a Marco Polo Adventure storyline, This lively safari room centers around this stunning sleek black granite named Nero Zimbabwe. This elegant, mirror finish black stone is perfect for elegant, intimate spaces where drama is instantly created through the richness of black, brown and bone accent fabrics.

Change your room easily with different colored walls, furniture or accessories, but never feel the need to change your stone fireplace, when such a great natural field of color is used to surround the fireplace.
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Santa Cecilia- This deep colored gold granite, Santa Cecilia, delicately blends with the rich palette of burgundy, gold and black tones to cast a warm glow throughout this room. The glasslike surface of granite provides solidarity and strength and adds a mesmerizing range of color found only in certain granites such as this.

The use of such an interesting and prized stone creates a solid architectural structure within the framework of your home.
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Venetian Gold- Bring the look of permanence and strength found in this highly popular Venetian Gold Granite. Using dramatic golds, blacks and red tones will evoke a warm ambiance and glow to every room. Geared towards the simple geometric lines of a contemporary design, this particular stone hugs the fireplace opening as one continuous slab.

Due to the wide and versatile range of multi-faceted colors found in Venetian Gold, it has become a very popular countertop material which can now easily transition into the next adjoining room around your fireplace.
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Verde Butterfly- Capture the beauty in the brilliant green shades found in Verde Butterfly Granite to give high visual impact of color to your room. The emerald sea green crystalline colors found in this interesting stone will help establish a starting point for a dramatic architectural focal point.

Over the course of millions of years, the rich color tones found in Verde Butterfly have changed only slightly and are some of the most amazing shades nature offers us.
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Verde Ubatuba- Incorporate the seamless look from your kitchen countertops into your keeping room by using the number one selling and ever popular Verde Ubatuba green granite from Brazil. It is incredibly dramatic in it's coloration and allows one to present a spectacular design, utilizing the rare emerald green tones found in this unusual stone.
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Vermillion Brown- Give your living space a wow effect with the rich earth tones found in Vermillion Brown granite. This granite contributes a prominent look into the room to capture one's attention, making it a good choice for endless design opportunities due to it's neutral dark brown color palette.