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Adriatic Relics- Cool and refreshing like a flowing river, enjoy the tranquility of our polished Adriatic Relics new limestone, which contains fascinating large fossils millions of years old. This materials miniature sea creatures and plant matter will add great interest to your fireplace, and are a wonderful addition to your living room.
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Aegean Blue- Aegean Blue with a River Washed finish, is a new limestone fabricated in the traditional European manner, it's finish fabricated to replicate a thousand years of foot traffic on it's amazing surface. Feel the smooth and textured surface of this weathered effect, created exclusively for ICM's fireplace slab collection.

The rare color palette of this cool steel grey limestone is the initial building block for great European type architecture.
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Auckland Beige- This contemporary living room exudes a warm, tactical feeling into this space with the new River Washed Auckland Beige limestone recently added to our line.

This gorgeous European limestone in various shades of light brown, appears to be lifted from a worn weathered wall transported in time from hundreds of years ago. This unique River Washed finish is tantalizing to the touch, as though washed in a creek bed like a smooth pebble.
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Celtic Blue- This fashionable new polished blue limestone, aptly names Celtic Blue, is a light colored blue-grey European River Washed stone and is truly a rare quirk of nature due to it's combination of both beige and blue tones mixed together to produce a modern, ultra sophisticated stone.

Experience the glamour which this classic grey color brings with it's subtle variation in colors.
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Ithaca Sand- This magnificent stone, newly introduced to the US market, it Ithaca Sand River Washed limestone. It is a stone fabricated in a traditional European manner, mainly finished by hand with the surface and edges, lightly chiseled and worn to the touch.

This finish adds visual texture to this neutral material for an ultra sophisticated, handcrafted wall. Clean lines and monochromatic tones contribute to the great success of this eye catching stone.
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Madeira Cream- This soothing bedroom is designed around our Madeira Cream River Washed limestone that encases this wall with petite fossils which are embedded like jewels against a creamy background.

This stone lends itself very well to any room and design style from classic to traditional. The subtle undulated surface of this stone is hand worked with utmost care for remarkable authentic interpretation of ancient surfaces such as those used in in France thousands of years ago.
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Maltese Linen- Cultivate a truly sensory experience with running your fingers over the textured River Washed finish found in our new Maltese Linen European limestone.

The delicate river washed finish lends Maltese Linen limestone a soft, lustrous character, which is quickly making this stone an ICM favorite fireplace material.
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Tribeca- Monochromatic cream limestones with the subtle earth tones, offer endless design opportunities with nearly al other natural products. This softly honed European limestone named Tribeca is one of the most consistent stones nature has ever produced, providing a neutral palette for simplicity in design choices.

Allow your fireplace surround to co-exist seamlessly with the rest of it's environment yet add great beauty through it's amazing honed texture, form and calm color.