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Antique Beige- Create an out of Africa experience with the soothing earth tones found in our popular Antique Beige Marble. This European polished cream colored stone conveys a tranquil signature look- perfect for an expansive feature wall in your living room or bedroom. It is a top selling material due to it's flexibility in working with any color palette or decorating style.
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Botticino Beige- This beautiful Northern Italian marble from the Brescia region, Botticino Classico, having classical cream color, and understated veins, sets the tone for this elegant room. Convey a minimalist approach by covering your wall in a sleek polished marble. The silky smooth surface of polished marble feels wonderful to the touch.
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Bianco Venatino- This striking white Italian marble moves in waves across the walls in this dreamy, romantic bedroom. The clean lines of Bianco Venatino marble, quarried from the ever famous Carrara quarries where Michelangelo extracted his Venatino and Statuary Vein marble blocks, provides a feeling that this fireplace has existed for centuries.

Like a huge blank canvas, allow natural stone to convey your ingenuity and personal expression of style.
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Botticino Agglomerate- This fireplace, clad in the soft earth tones of Botticino Agglomerate marble, creates a simple, yet sophisticated ambiance in this cozy keeping room. It's highly polished surface is tantalizing to the touch and it's subtle cream coloration makes this stone complimentary to nearly all colors for easy furniture and rug selections.
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Cream Marfil- This world famous cream stone from Spain, Cream Marfil, blends harmoniously in this monochromatic design scheme. Here, using a light colored polished marble creates an illusion of more space. When combined with a natural light source, provides a bright uplifting environment that will keep you alert, invigorated and productive throughout the day.

This stone is highly prized for its soft cream coloration, elegant veining and great versatility.
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Emperador Marron- Spilling over the walls with dramatic veining, Emperador Marron marble gives the appearance of a gem-encrusted jewelry box with it's beauty and elegance. The sparkle of a highly polished dark stone adds exotic mystique to your environment.

When used to clad the fireplace, it contrasts beautifully with pale, cooler shades as found in this contemporary living room.
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Negro Marquina- The dramatic lines of black and white Negro Marquina marble take the limelight in this striking living room. This black marble, long and an ICM favorite with our clients, has a highly polished mirror finish which will bring a bold look to your fireplace.

The stone is highly prized in Europe for it's rich coloration and decorative veining, and will create a very special environment in your home.
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Rojo Alicante- The deep brick red shades of Rojo Alicante marble from Spain, provides a warm and inviting welcome with it's dramatic coloration around this fireplace.

Capable of setting a distinct mood for almost every room, the latest trend in home design now features fireplaces throughout many rooms of the house, any place where large family gatherings or intimate settings might occur.
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St. Laurent Brown- Envision a striking marble fireplace, perfectly suited for any architecture decor which produces a spectacular statement with luxurious St. Laurent polished marble. Watch as veins strewn across the walls cascade together to form a most glamorous and captivating scene.

The formal composition of dark brown earth tones, coupled with artistic undulating veins, create a sophisticated atmosphere which takes center stage on your fireplace wall.
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Verde Oriental Dark- Lifted from centuries of use in famous castles, Verde Oriental Dark marble provides a strong and innovative design statement through the use of visual impact. This highly decorative serpentine can be mixed with any period of furniture to provide a grand appearance to the room.

Allow this stone to dominate the room through it's beauty and transform it into an odyssey of adventure.