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Cross Cut Travertine- Picture yourself surrounded by amazing textures found on your stone walls and escape to a unique spa-like environment created with tumbled stone. After many years of normal wear, a wonderful, smooth patina surfaces in this Cross Cut Tumbled Travertine fireplace, revealing hints of mysterious layers of history concealed beneath it's distressed surface.

Duplicate the conditions as though created centuries ago with our aged, rustic Cross Cut Travertine. It's highly distressed finish is a wonderful worn and weathered appearance, as shown by it's rounded and soft edges.
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Walnut Travertine- Discover an Antique finished stone with our spectacular Walnut Tumbled Travertine. Used as an architectural building material since ancient Roman times, travertines exhibit a feeling of longevity and history as seen in the holes created by water flowing through caves underground.

This unique brown suede color tone is difficult to duplicate, and it's battered appearance from hand worked chisels, brushes, and special treatments make this stone a favorite when decorating a casual, comfortable room.